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Take-Out and Dinner Menu



House Salad (Romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado and red onions.) 

Salad Fasl (Garden salad) (Crisp iceberg lettuce, red ripe tomatoes and crisp cucumbers topped with slices of red onion.) 

Salad Shirazi (Diced Kirby cucumbers, red ripe tomatoes and chopped parsley with extra virgin olive oil.) 

Tabouli (Cracked bulgur wheat, chopped tomatoes, mint, onion and parsley. Served with house lemon dressing.) 

Avocado Salad (Cubed avocado, cherry tomatoes and chopped onions sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. ) 

Salad Olivieh (Chicken salad with eggs and potatoes.) 

Matbucha (Moroccan) (Tomatoes, tomato paste, green and red bell peppers, and onions.) 

Spanish Salad (Slightly spicy eggplant salad with tomato sauce.) 

Baba Ghanoush (Baked eggplant mashed with tehina and enhanced with seasonings. Served cold.) 

Hummus (Ground chickpeas blended with tehina and lemon juice. Served cold.) 

Tahina (Sesame seed paste, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Served cold.) 



Tahdeeg (A unique Persian delicacy. A crisp crust of rice topped with tasty stew. Served hot.) 

Kube (Wheat shell stuffed with mushrooms.) 

Dolmeh (Stuffed Grape Leaves. Served hot.) 

Gondi (Persian Meatballs) (Crushed chickpeas and ground chicken with special seasonings. Served hot in chicken broth.)  

Haleem Bademjon Smashed eggplant with seasoned tomato paste, garlic and herbs. Served hot.) 

Moroccan Cigars (Potato) (Rolled pastry dough stuffed with ground potato.) 

Moroccan Cigars (Veggie) (Rolled pastry dough stuffed with soy “beef”.)  

Moroccan Cigars (Beef) (Rolled pastry dough stuffed with ground beef.)

Falafel (A vegetarian delight! Balls of crushed chickpeas flavored with special seasoning and deep-fried in vegetable oil.)  

Falafel Platter (Includes falafel balls, hummus and tehina.) 

Roasted Eggplant (Roasted whole eggplant served with tehina.) 


Soup of the Day (Please call for the soup of the day) 


Kabobs  (All kabobs are served with White Basmati Rice or French Fries.)

Chelow Kabob Barg (Prime marinated beef cubes charboiled on a large skewer.) 

Chelow Kabob Koobideh (Two skewers of seasoned and marinated prime ground beef.) 

Joojeh Koobideh (Two skewers of seasoned and marinated ground chicken.) 

Mixed Koobideh (One skewer ground beef, One skewer ground chicken.) 

Joojeh Kabob (Bone in) (Marinated Cornish hen, cut and charbroiled on a skewer.) 

Joojeh Kabob (Boneless) (Tender, young, marinated chicken breast cubed and charbroiled on a skewer.) 

Pargiyot (Chicken, dark meat, boneless. An Israeli delicacy!)  

Soltani Barg (A skewer of kabob Barg and a skewer of kabob Koobideh.) 

Soltani Joojeh (A skewer of Koobideh and a skewer of Joojeh kabob, bone in or boneless. Your choice.) 

Soltani Deluxe ((Two skewers) One kabob Barg and One kabob Joojeh.) 

Combination Kabob ((3 skewers) of kabob Koobideh, Barg and Joojeh.) 

Chatanooga Combo (Barg, Joojeh, Koobideh and Joojeh Koobideh) 

Combo Deluxe (Joojeh Kabob, Boneless Kabob and Barg) 


Persian Stews (Served with white Basmati Rice)

Khoreshe Fesenjon (Walnuts, Dates, Pomegranate Paste, Chicken. Sweet and sour.) 

Khoreshe Badenjon (Eggplant Stew) (Beef chunks, whole baby eggplants and our chef’s special seasonings.) 

Khoreshe Ghormeh Sabzi (Herb Stew) (Several herbs and seasonings, cubes of beef and sun-dried limes.) 

Khoreshe Gheymeh Lappeh (A tantalizing combination of beef cubes, split peas and sun-dried limes.)  


Fish Selection

Mahi Polow (White fish filet masterfully fried or charbroiled (your choice) and served one a plateful of baghalee polow.)  

Salmon Kabob (Chunks of Atlantic salmon on a skewer, charbroiled to perfection and served with baghalee polow.) 

Chilean Sea Bass (A delicious piece of wild sea bass, charbroiled with lemon and chef’s special seasonings. Served with baghalee polow.) 


**All rice substitutes for above Kabob, Stew and Fish selections will incur an additional $4.00 charge per order**


Chicken Fingers (Portion for kids.) (Fried chicken breast served with French Fries.)  

Schnitzel (Breaded chicken breast. Served with French Fries.) 

Grilled Chicken Breast (Grilled with extra virgin olive oil and garlic, served with French Fries.) 

Chicken Marsala (Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and marsala wine and lemon juice. Served with Rice or French Fries.) 

Chicken Francese (Chicken breast dipped in egg, batter and sautéed with white wine and lemon juice. Served with Rice or French Fries. ) 

Chicken Cacciatore (Chicken breast sautéed and white wine and marinara sauce served with basmati rice.) 

Pasta Primavera (Diced fresh vegetables steamed and served over spaghetti with our own white sauce.) (Chicken $3.00 extra) 

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (Or marinara sauce. You choose.) (Chicken $3.00 extra) 

Penne Pasta (Tomato sauce and fresh basil.) 


Side Dishes

Chelow (A plateful of tender, fluffy basmati rice.) 

Baghalee Polow (Green rice. Fresh dill and baby lima beans makes this a must try with chicken or fish!) 

Zereshk Polow (Basmati rice flavored with zereshk (tangy little red currants). 

Shirin Polow (Basmati rice mixed with orange rind julienne, almonds and other flavorings.)

Albaloo Polow (Basmati rice flavored with sour cherries.) 

Skewer of Koobideh 

Skewer of Joojeh Koobideh 

Skewer of Joojeh (Bone in or Boneless) 

Skewer of Barg 

French Fries 

Steamed Vegetables 

Grilled Vegetables 

Sabzi (Mixed fresh green vegetables) 

Torshee (Liteh) (Mixed grated vegetables pickled in Wine Vinegar) 



 (The filling of your choice wrapped and stuffed with salad shirazi with French Fries on the side.)

Falafel Sandwich 

Kabob Koobideh Sandwich (Beef) 

Joojeh Koobideh Sandwich (Chicken) 

Joojeh Kabob Sandwich 

Kabob Barg Sandwich 

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